Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hard week...

Well I got through the first week but it was very hard for me. I am sorry if I havent really talk to any one, its been hard to talk and not get emontional. Anyways last week appointments went good we had an ultra sound and doctors appointment on monday and ultra sound tech she has really long legs now that was the first time I heard that..anyways really nothing new or exciting, still having contraction but nothing concerning. We have done really well keeping busy and learning the public transportation because taxi's got expensive quick. We have been to down town, Haight and Ashbury, fishers Warf and today we went to Golden gate park.

Tomorrow I have an ultra sound and NST and I just hope that this week will fly by and before I know it Feb 8 and we will have our so precious Emma.

Thanks for reading..

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