Thursday, October 8, 2015

Funny Now...

Have you ever had one of the moments when someone has caught you at a very bad time and you completely over react then you normally would?

So this is the background of the story. Payton goes to Kumon twice a week and we usually are able to park in the handicap spot right in front of the Kumon center. This particular parking lot has very tight parking spots so any time we don't park in the handicap its very hard to get her out, so it makes my life a thousand times easier. So this particular space is on the end so next to it is a loading zone and then nothing. So what has been happening these parents have been parking right in the loading zone because they don't want to park some where else and get out of the car to go get their child when they are done. So I have been actually going to there cars and letting them know they are parked in part of the handicap space and my daughter needs this space to get in and out of the car. 

You really wouldn't believe how many people do it all the time, and I had two Moms who did it twice to me even after asking them not to. So I have actually taken two pictures like this one and sent it to Broward county Sheriffs office because I brought it up now twice to the people at Kumon asking them to remind parents that is not a spot to park in and nothing has happened. So a couple of days ago we went to Kumon and we parked and Emma and I got out this day and decided to go work on homework at Zona Fresca couple stores down.Well Emma wasn't being good and she had a full blown melt down wailing as we go out of Zona Fresca all the way back to the car. So we get back to the car and of course someone was parked again in the damn loading zone. So of course I walk over excuse me can you move we need to get into our car and your parked in part of the handicap space. So the lady moves and we get into the car. So 5 minutes later this
Lexus pulls up right into the loading zone. Now sometimes people will pull into the loading zone and just drop off and leave but not this car. So I was pissed, because this is now the second car and what was even worse was this person had a Handicap place card. Now I was already very irritated about this situation with Emma. 

So I get out of the car and their window was already open. 
So I say: Excuse do you know you are parked in part of the handicap spot and we need this room to get in and out of our car.
The man in the car says:  yeah I have a handicap sticker
Me: Yes but I am already parked in the spot sir you can't park in the same spot someone else is
and at this point I am getting mad because the guy immediately got attitude with me.
Guy: who are you I can park where ever I want you don't make the laws.
Me: Excuse! You are parked illegally right now and of all people who has a handicap place card should you know better.
All the guy kept saying to me is I don't make the laws and he could do basically whatever he wants. Now this guy must have been early 60's or late 50's and his wife was sitting in the passenger seat telling him just to move and it wasn't worth it, and then they start arguing because this guy wasn't going to move. 
So I say thats fine please just stay where your at so I can call the cops and they can issue you a ticket since Im not the law! 
Then the guy got really mad and I couldn't even tell you what he said at this point because all I was seeing was red. I then said to him he should be ashamed of him self because I need this space for my daughter who is in a wheelchair and I actually went to the back on the car pulled her chair out and I said see...
The man was so in

Monday, October 5, 2015

Half way there!

So I wrote a quick little update about Emma on here please check it out.
We love you all thank you for your support.