Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Fun In The Sun"

It's so crazy how you can be down so low and then be up so high again. Things have been going so great with her I almost feel it isn't real. We have been approved for 2 hours a week of physical therapy and we also meet our new DSI person, who seems totally awesome and on top of things. We hope next week we will start with her. She said she works in all areas so I am very excited.

Then in physical therapy this week her therapist is very happy how well she is doing. He actually thinks her standing has really improved and she isnt bowing her legs as much as before, and is able to stand for longer periods of time. So we are working on her being more stable when standing, then we will be able to start working on weight transitioning so we can get to the ultimate goal! I'm so excited things are moving along, I want nothing more for her to be mobile in some way.

Her neurosurgeon called today to check in and see how Emma was doing. I let them know she has been doing great and I really thought that shunt adjustment had done the job. He said we will hold off on another MRI for 3 months check back in see how things are going unless problems occur again. So very good news all around and looks like we will be going on vacation this summer!

I think Nick had a wonderful Father's day, Saturday he finally took Payton to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and had a great time. Sunday we went out with Grandpa (my dad) and had a nice lunch with everyone. Things seem like it couldnt get any better : )

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Oh Happy Day" : )

Our house has exploded with laughter and smiles once again. I felt that we would never see the day again that my princess was her super happy self again. I can't even begin to explain the joy I feel seeing her play and laugh.Its weird because for almost entire month I hadnt taken any pictures of the kids, which made me very sad when I realized it. The last week or so I have taken so many to make up for lost time : )

Turned out of the shunt was what was bothering her. It was dialed down to low and I think that is what was causing the throwing up and head aches. Also since the gaging and reflex problems have gotten better. We had her ISFP meeting today with early intervention (which for those who dont know what that is its government services that provide the physical therapy). I requested a another hour of PT a week and we will be getting DSI which is a service just reinforce what PT is doing so we will be looking at 3 times a week now. Which is exciting because this last month has been so hard on her we have really fallen behind on everything and she will have to work real hard to get back where she was. I will be talking to her PT tomorrow to see what he thinks about getting her a mobile stander. Since she isnt even crawling yet I would love to see her mobile in some way. Also he wanted to give her time in hope's she doesnt need derotation straps which helps the bowing/turning of her legs. So I will be asking about that as well.

So all is well for the last week and I hope we keep this up, because we all need a break from this horrible time.