Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well these last two weeks have been long, and I am so glad tomorrow she will be getting this cast off! On top of the cast that has really made her mad and frustrated she is getting a molar tooth and two other teeth in. So she has been cranky to say the least.The last couple of times she had a cast I never got a bunch of looks I think because she was still in the infant carseat so not allot of people noticed but you wouldn't believe the looks I get when they see she has a cast. I can't help but to just laugh because people are clueless and have no idea but also the fact that they look at me like I am an awful Mom because my daughter is in a cast. I have had some really nice people ask what happened and I explain she has Spina Bifida and why she has a cast. I have also had people that like announce it to everyone Oh Look she has a cast she broke her leg, every time I like to say No she didnt and then they get quiet and dont ask what happened. The only thing to do is just laugh oh well!

She tries to stand all the time, so I am so excited for her cast to come off and get her new AFO's so we can really start working on standing. I can just see it in her where she is so determined to stand up and move just like crawling. So I have such high hopes.Tomorrow will be her appointment for the cast to come off and then a week from now she will have the AFO casting. I will post another blog next week after those appointments.

Last night was allot of fun. Payton of course had a blast and there was allot more kids out this time then last year. Last year I bought only a couple small bags last year and had left overs but this year we bought a giant bag and where cleaned out.