Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa is checking his list....

So I forgot to post the kids Santa pictures, and they turned out exactly how I thought they would. Poor Emma did so good considering we had to wait an hour by the time it was time to see santa she was done and ready for a nap. So with that being said this is what you get : )

And this..Poor Santa!

and heres the "TUDE"

But if we rewind a little bit we get this super happy girl..

Doesnt she make you think of Cindy Lou Who in this picture, and then of course my super handsome little man who was super good and so happy to see Santa.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Totally AWESOME!

So yesterday Emmas therapist introduced her walker to her and she was a little afraid but after she left she was checking it out for the rest of the day. This morning she wanted to try and it just came natural.

So here's the video after the third try and getting tired but not wanting to quite is Emma trying to walk with her walker! And dont pay any attention to me sorry in advance!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Please Forgive me"

Wow I am so behind on the blog and I am determined to finish this entry no matter what! So since my last post Emma got her cast off and two days later her foot swelled up and got super hot and was all signs of a break...well to make a long story short I FIRED HER last doctor so to speak. I am just so done with him so we took her to a new doctor to find out she did have a fracture and so Yep she got yet another cast but dont worry she already got it off after Thanksgiving. Last week she got casted for her AFOS finally "YAY"!

We go next week to pick them up, and last week we also had her IFSP for the state which is an assessment of what she has accomplished and what new goals we should be making and if their are any other concerns we might have for her. So we have added Speech therapy to the mix she barely qualified. She says about 7 or 8 words consistently and knows 3 signs so she isnt completely behind but I think she will get there in her own time. Speech therapy will just help her get there faster which will be good.

Unfortunately Emma has been experiencing some really weird things and at first I didn't want to think to much about it but it is starting to worry me. So I want to say it started a week ago when she did it the first time where she threw up at night and I had no idea until I came into get her in the morning. When it first happened Nick put Emma down for bed with a bottle of milk (which I never do) so I just thought that was the cause of it because she's not used to it.

Well about 4 days go by and we put her down for bed and she got so upset because she didnt want to go to bed she threw up again. So this time we thought ok she just got her self so upset she made she self puke. Then again 3 days later last Friday afternoon Emma woke up screaming from her nap and I go in there and she threw up and continued to throw up. So now I am thinking ok maybe the milk? But very weird because just out of no where the milk is now bothering her?? So Friday I dont give her any more milk and try to give her light things on the stomach but she is still acting fine like nothing is going on with her, but Friday night she woke up again crying and was sick all night so then I thought it must just be a bug because she was better later Saturday afternoon. So she is totally fine again nothing going on then Sunday night she throws up again. and then last night she woke up 3 times crying like she didnt feel good. Well back tracking a couple of days we where all siting on the bed and noticed her itching her neck. It was was red from her itching it and it was where her shunt tube is, so I tired not to over react and just watch her she did it twice and havent noticed it since.

So last night I was sitting in bed and started thinking well this could just be acid reflex or something along those lines but then I realized last time we thought it was acid reflex it had to do with her shunt and when we fixed that it went away and she had no more tummy problems. So I am calling her neuro surgeon today to see what they think and if he can see her. For one thing I am sure of is she is not sick this is NO STOMACH BUG.. so now we just have to figure out what could be causing her to get sick.