Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Birthday Success!

This month I have been working so hard at getting Payton's birthday party ready and wanting everything to be perfect. He had a Super Mario themed birthday party which let me tell you there isnt much for Super Mario so with that being said I decided to all of the decorations out of poster board and do the party bags my self, and of course I made the cake. It defiantly saved some money that way we could do some other specail things. We got he a bounce house which I think he enjoyed more when everyone was gone then when everyone was there.
I really cant believe it's going to be May already. The craziness that May will bring. We have more things going on in May then we have in a long time. We have lots of appointments and meetings and school stuff that when I wrote it all out on our calender it made my head spin. I am excited for next weekend because just maybe I will be able to relax. Emma's AFO is now so big on her due to the fracture because when then casted her for them her foot was so swollen and now its totally healed that her foot slips out after ten minutes of putting them on. It has been totally frustrating because I keep taking her back explaining that it just doesnt fit. So finally they decided to cast her a new AFO at no charge! Yay finally I was getting upset because we $700 for these AFO's that dont work. Emma has been doing great at standing now and pulling up. I have totally forgotten to post about Emma walking now with her walker. I know most of the family knows but forgot to share. She walks when she wants to but she is really determined when she is doing it and she is really doing great. Its funny though because she doesnt want to walk for PT when I get her to she does so well like its no big deal she just doesnt want to do it for him. I usually have to bribe her to get her to do it.
Gosh I look back a year ago, things felt just so horrible. Emma was having all those problems with her shunt and we are getting so close to a year now with no more problems. I just hope we can keep this up with no more problems.