Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Emma Turns 2!

"Very belated update"! Sorry...

Wow here we are another year and I keep saying wow I just cant believe my little baby is so big now. I'll be honest its really hard and makes me a little sad probably because there will be no more babies for me. So little bitter sweet but I love watching Payton and Emma grow up.

We had a great time on her birthday. We went to the Aquarium and had some fun but unfortunatly Emma was recovering from an ear infection and eye infection so she was still little moody from that.

Then Sunday my parents joined us for a birthday dinner and of course birthday cake. That week Nick was off and we enjoyed having him home.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our month of January

It has been quite awhile since the last time I posted but thank god not allot has been different. Emma finally got her new AFO's and we have been working on standing. We havent been working with her walker right now because she is working on building the muscles in her knees to keep her legs from bowing out. She has done great she is pulling her self up on the couch the coffee table she is so determined.

She is finally starting to really talk now. Its so awesome her new words she says is puppy, ni night, baby,why,whats up, Hey, No, and I dont know..which is hilarious I say Emma where's you cup and she says I dont know! Everyone was so concerned about her not talking and now look she easily has 20 words she says now its just on Emma's terms not yours. She had been seeing a speech therapist but I did get ride of her two weeks ago, and I really didnt like her and the funny part was I dont think Emma did either which maybe she picked up from me who knows, but Emma signed all done during one of the sessions with her and it was the first time I had ever seen her do it with me trying to get her to do it a million times she tells the speech therapist she was all done with her and then said bye. Which I of course thought was hysterical but kept it to my self since she didn't catch it. Needless to say I really dont think she needs a speech therapist any more it was all on Emma's time and no one else and she proved everyone wrong, that you need not to worry about me.

She had a urology appointment on Friday which went awesome, Doctor says her bladder still looks some what normal and she is still voiding on her own. So still no cathing and her kidneys look great. Which was a total relief to hear. He also mentioned about potty training her and to give it a shot in a couple months to see how she does.

We are so close to her Birthday its almost scary. I cant believe my little girl is already growing up so fast. Everything has been really good for her this past month with no issues. She truly is amazing and everything she does, a blessing in every way.

I thought I would share some of the Christmas picutres they are just so cute. Payton got a new bike and Emma a cozy coupe and the look on both of there faces when they saw them was just so awesome. Emma later that morning actually fell a sleep in her car it was the cutest thing ever!

These next pictures are our Christmas pictures we took and they turned out pretty well if you ask me.!

I couldnt help my self from not sharing these pictures. Emma got a kitchen for Christmas from her Papa and Nana and I would have to say it is probably her favorite as well. So I have been sticking her in her stander to play and her kitchen and she loves it, matter of fact one day I hadnt dont it yet and she asked me to put her in it. She know it helps her play with everything. Which is awesome because she needs to be in her stander so it has become a win win situation.

This picture she was actually talking to her Nana, She had Hello.. Nana.

Her and Payton will actually play with the kitchen nicely together with out me it is totally awesome!

They have actually started playing much better together but I tell you it has seemed like forever before that would ever happen its always someone yelling or sreaming No or thats mine.

Anyways I hope everyone enjoyed the much needed update I will post another one for Emma's birthday and share pictures.