Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow I got my itinerary...

Alright so here's my itinerary:

Monday, February 1
10:45 arrival for 11:00 Ultrasound at 400 Parnassus Ave., located on the Plaza level A099
1:00 NST in OB at plaza level (arrive at 12:45 to register) Plaza level OB

Tuesday, February 2
3:00 OB appointment with Dr. Yvonne Cheng

Thursday, February 4
1:00 NST in OB at plaza level

Monday, February 8
Nothing to eat after midnight- No Breakfast- since you will have an amnio and may have a c-section.
7:45 Ultrasound at 400 Parnassus Ave. Located at Plaza level A099. Then go directly to L&D.
10:00 amnio for fetal lung maturity (FLM) on Labor & Delivery, 15th floor of main hospital.
1:00ish c-section, pending the results of the amniocentesis. If the FLM is mature then you will be delivered. If the FLM is immature you will have your c-section the following week.

Tuesday, February 9
If delivered, baby’s back repair

So on that note... Nick really wanted me to let the MOM's study know about the contraction's I have been having a let them make the decision if I need to come early. There doctor will be contacting my doctor to get a good feel of what's going on. They will be letting me know what they think this afternoon.

Also we had a Ultra sound on Monday and it went good,her measurments look GREAT and is measuring ahead now and she is 5lbs 6oz which is great to hear. Have a NST on Friday then the last doctors app. on Monday.

Thanks for reading and will let everone know what the MOM's study decides.

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