Saturday, January 16, 2010

She needs to stay put for "JUST TWO MORE WEEKS"!

So I am 34 weeks and it started yesterday morning I started feeling really yucky and crampy. Ended up calling the doctor she wanted me to come in a get checked and do my monitoring with her but she was at a different office up in Scottsdale. So between then I started getting more contractions and then it started in my back. I was starting to freak out to say the least.. So we get there and they put me on the monitor the tracks babys heart rate and my contractions well I did that for 25 minutes and turns out the entire time it was recording the contractions and they where coming every 5 minutes. So my doctor comes in to check my cervix and to a test to see if I will go into labor in the next two weeks. The great news is my cervix are completely closed and she called me last night to let me know the test came back negative for going into labor in the next two weeks. As for my contraction she said I really just need to take it easy rest allot and if they get worse and I can't ignore them then I need to go into St. Joes and get checked again.

So lets all hope it just stays this way until we leave.

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