Monday, January 4, 2010

APP/Ultra sound.. catching up!

Ok so I am a little behind. So today our appointment went really good. Some of her measurements are still measuring around 34weeks, some right under 34weeks but her head is still measuring small so the average puts it at the new date 2/26 which is 32weeks. I still think she is ahead of 32weeks and closer to 34weeks. She weighs 4lbs8oz and everything looks great. I will have to start going in twice a week one day for stress test and the other is an ultra sound to make sure she is moving and has enough fluid around her. So my next app. with the doctor will be Jan 25, which is fine because I will be in there every week I just wont be seeing the doctor. I was glad to find out if I need to go in to get my cervix checked I can go there instead of L&D also if I am having consistent contractions and need to be monitored (of course thats business hours).

Which is good since I have been having allot of braxton hicks so Ive been having to keep my feet up and not do to much. The last thing we need is her coming early..

The other thing that I have been trying to figure out is bloodcord banking it is extremely recommend for a baby with Spina Bifida since later it could be used to improve movement. I spoke to my doctor and she said she would defiantly recommend it. The problem is its very expensive I have called a coupld different banks and the cost is pretty much the same. We would be looking at $2,00.00 and $150 yearly. I have found one bank that selects 2 family's for the year to get it for free if they have some pre-condition. So this is my next step to see how it works. To bad we dont have more time since tax time is coming and I know we will be getting back. If we can make it work we can always put our hope in a public bank and hope no one is the same match that way its still there when she will need it. Anyways wish us luck that I can make it work ; )

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  1. CORD BLOOD - sounds like a good idea.
    Perhaps our family can work together to obtain the money needed to start the process of banking her cord blood.

    I can contribute $400.

    Emma's Grandma