Monday, January 11, 2010

Wanted to share..

I wanted to let everyone know Mark and Sherry is helping us out in a big way, and has paid for Emma cordblood to be banked. We are so "THANKFUL" for this. I have started to do some research on what they have done with stem cell research and have found some pretty promising stuff.

I wanted to share some of the stuff I have found but I will just post the link to the website instead of writing everything out, its allot of stuff.

This link talks about Obama approving the first embryotic stem cell lines..which means allot for us here in America because government can actually fund stem cell research for the first time to really make huge break troughs.

Ok here's the blog of a little boy who started stem cell therapy in China.

Here on some articles about research in India and there website and information they have.;year=2005;volume=10;issue=3;spage=138;epage=141;aulast=Gupta

Thanks for reading!

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