Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For those I have not spoken to..

Well Yesterday was interesting to say the least. I ended up going into labor and delivery due to have really bad pain and had some bleeding the night previous. So I went and they told me I had pulled a grouin muscle which was causing the pain. My cervix are still the same when I went to L&D back at home but still having the same contractions. So they did a quick ultra sound and NST to make sure Emma is ok and everything looks good...well I was told there that everything looks great the fluid around her is good and they sent me on my way. Well I still an Ultra sound scheduled for that day and they still wanted me to go. So we went and they basically did the same thing they did at L&D.

So I called Rachael from the study but she was out and got a phone call from her hours later saying that they are concerned about my fluid levels around the baby and they want to monitor them closely and have me do anthor ultra sound on Thursday, and if the fluid levels are lower then what they are now they will want to go ahead a deliver her. Now she said the doctor that I will go see today will be able to go over the ultra sound with me and hopefully explain in more detail what will happen if that does end up being the case. I will write more when I know more of whats going to happen and what to expect.

Thanks for reading..

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