Friday, April 29, 2011

Just hanging on...

I feel like I have been jerked around this way and that way with in the last 24 hours. Thursday afternoon I took Emma to the ER and Nick meet me. She started to display problems like previously with her head that wouldn't go away so I felt someone needed to see her. Turned out our doctor wasn't there and everyone was just to busy to see her and wanted us to just take her to the ER. I was PISSED and I LET THEM KNOW! I was really hoping she would get better then we wouldn't have to take her in. She just got worse so at that point there was no choice. check Emma out!
They did a CT scan and a shunt series of x-rays to see what was going on. There was a minimal difference but with the pattern she has been displaying they decided to keep her over night and see her doctor in the morning. So then it was explained to me that it really isn't the shunt but her ventricle has clasped so much on the right it has caused a suction on the left ventricle that it is causing a blockage. So the solution is to go in and make a tunnel and connect the tubing from the right ventricle to the left. The risk of this is the suction can then end up happening on both sides or alternate between each side. Now he said that he wanted to wait to do surgery since it wasn't an immediate situation. If she has problems this weekend then we can expect her to have surgery Tuesday, if we see it happen this week then Thursday. If nothing happens then we just wait until it does and when it does then he will go ahead and do surgery. That is pretty much most of it in a small nutshell. I am hoping that it will just end up happening this week. So once again we shall see what happens, all eyes on Emma.

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