Monday, April 18, 2011

Just relax!

So after adding everything up that has happened with Emma this week, I truly felt that these issues had to do with her shunt and not teething. She had been super cranky, sleeping more, couldn't feel her soft spot, and her forehead looked a little larger. So.. Sunday morning she woke up and it was like it was just all better, but still concerned thinking I should let the neuro surgeon know and see what he thought. Which turned into us coming in, and of course she is FINE which I knew that when we went. But geeze how many time's is she going to have to go through this before something actually happens. I think this is the most stressful part of it, because I feel just so bad that she has to go through this. We also got the same answers as the last and unfortunately no way to really know what is causing this to happen.

Part of me feel's like an idiot for not having someone see her last week and the other part of me is glad I didn't over react because she is fine again. Which is really crazy because her behavior today is totally different then it has been all week. I really want to be optimistic about this situation but my gut tells me other wise. I just feel like something bad is around the corner. I try to just breath and relax and at this point nothing left to do but pray and hope for the best.

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  1. She is super cute!

    I know the waiting, the wondering, the worrying - it's horrible. But you are better getting her checked out if your worrying, even if she is ok, it puts your mind at rest. I hate putting Caitlin through all the tests and scans and them all coming back fine. But out of the last 8 hospital visits we've had, 4 have been false alarms, and 4 have been shunt blockages. You just can't call it. I really do hope everything turns out ok.