Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Ol "Wait and See"...

So we just got back from Emma's appointment for the results of her MRI. Thursday I received a message from the doctor's office saying we needed to come in for the results. I was concerned because in the previous appointment the doctor said they would give us a call with the results, so when they said we needed to come in I was immediately concerned I called back asked if it was bad the nurse said oh no we just ask all patients to come in for results. Which probably was a good thing she said that or I would have been worried all weekend.

Anyways he compared the MRI scan from 4 months and the recent scan she just had and it shows her ventricles have increased quite a bit from last year. The increase was on the left side opposite of the shunt. Now since she seems to be doing good we will not doing anything immediately. He will have her come back in 3 months and do another MRI to see where the ventricles are at. Now there are different scenarios that could play out. Best one would be what he previously said was that during that time debris was clogging the tube witch is the result of her behavior previously back on that Friday and when we did the scan it showed that and it has fixed it self. Other scenario would be the shunt is starting to shown signs that it will malfunction soon. The other scenario is quite possibly she might need two shunts because the left is just not draining enough witch would result in why the left side is so big. Then lastly is in the months time and the next scan shows that her last scan has show consistent with the new then it could just be how her brain is because as kids grow so do the ventricles but from what I have gathered it doesn't seem like this scenario is very likely because of the significant change.

So for the next three months we get to "Wait and See"! Of course this will have me on the edge of my seat worried that something could happen and her shunt could just fail. Out of everything with Spina Bifida I feel like I can handle but when it comes to her brain, chairi and the shunt I get so worried and freaked out.

At this point I will pray and let her be in gods hand's and know that in the end it will be okay.


  1. :( Ugh! Wait and see is so awful. Prayers for an uneventful three months and a good MRI check up!

  2. that wait and see sentence. Unfortunately us sb mum's hear that a lot :( The brain stuff scares me too. Will say a prayer for a good mri check up!