Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rolling with the Punches..

Well I have re-written this post three times now and everytime I wasnt able to finish and when I re-read it over I have different feeling so here is my last attempt to my post that I meant to post over 2 week's ago!

So in reality not allot has happened, but at the time it really didn't feel that way. The other day Payton had saw a little girl who was probably a little younger then Emma and She was walking and crawling. Payton stared at her like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He starts yelling to me "Mom", "Mom", look! That little baby is walking!! I said to him I know that's Awesome! He looks at me and say's but Mom Emma doesn't walk or crawl. It dawned on me that he has always just thought that it is just normal for her not to move around because he really isn't around other small babies Emma's age. So I said yep bud that's why the doctor ( he calls the Physical therapist doctor) comes every week to help her so she will be able to walk. You know it didn't make me sad because I have excepted that she will do everything in her own time. I have full confidence that some day she will get up and move.

Now I had forgotten to mention in my last post that MOM's study came to us for her evaluation since there was no way we where coming to them. It started off really great they did her physc eval and she did so well she even impressed me! The psychologist was impressed because she said usually they dont get through this much due to the kids wanting to stick everything in there mouths. She didn't try sticking anything in her mouth not even the cheerio's she was given to put into a cup. Now I was under the impression the she could take a nap when she started to get tired, the started at 8 am and her nap time is about 10am and when 10 rolled around she was tired and very cranky but they wanted to keep going and could clearly see she wasn't happy at all! It started to make this Mama not so happy as well.They wanted to start to do the physical part, which of course she wanted to do nothing! She wouldn't try rolling over, sit up , absolutely nothing and get this! They took it as she just can't do it. I explained she can do these things she is just very tired but I don't think they believed me. So then it came to see where she has feeling. Well I know she doesn't have any feeling in her left foot very minimal feeling if not any below her knee on the left but the right I know its spotty but pretty sure she has feeling in her foot but the doctor concluded that for both sides no feeling below the knees. I'll be honest this pissed me off because I really didn't believe that and I said that several times but decided that it doesn't matter makes absolutely any difference and I know her best! I was glad to see them leave and be done with it!

Her MRI we are still waiting for the other doctors office to send the MRI CD to the Dr's office so they can compare. STUPID and irritating but she has done fine nothing strange but it has been almost 3 weeks now.

Here is a picture of her in her new stander that a VERY awesome Mom gave us so I can stick her in it without any help and she is happy and glad to be standing. It has made my life so much

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  1. Oh. :( Those times are no fun. My girls have been awesome at taking all of Kingsley's things in stride, but I think part of it is exactly that - they don't realize that babies his age 'do' a lot more than he does. I hope the punches ease up for you soon. And they get the MRI results!