Saturday, April 16, 2011

What fun..

Nick has been on vacation this week, and boy have we all had fun. For not going any where we have managed to stay very busy.Payton has been Dad's right hand man or you can say Nick's shadow every where he went Payton was right there with him. I know when Monday comes Payton is going to be one sad "dude".

We have been doing allot of stuff with the garage and cars so we had spent allot of time outside and I decided to stick Emma in Payton's power wheel and I had never seen her so happy. So the next day we decided to take the kids to the park and let Emma ride with Payton and She was LOVING IT! She has not been her self so it was nice to see her happy and having fun!

I know I can be paranoid and over react sometimes and after the information we got from the neuro surgeon I have been trying to just pray and tell my self that everything is ok, she will be ok. Her behavior has been strange the last week. Now I am pretty sure she is teething so again its so hard to figure out if it teething or something else is going on. I have noticed that she deals with pain by sleeping more, and this week she has slept way more then she normally does. which of course Nick thought it was less but I know its more because she is starting to have less naps and not as long. Tuesday she was so cranky and put her down around 5pm because she was so cranky and acting very tired which is very unusual for her to do that at that time of the day and she didnt wake up until 5 am the next morning. Last night she seemed clearly uncomfortable and I noticed she was rubbing her head. I think it was Wednesday when I thought to my self is her head bigger? I thought ehh maybe I am just being pariniod and I havent said anything to anyone about I figured I would just watch it and her head, so then Thursday the kids stayed the night at my Moms and Friday morning we went and got them and my Mom says to me I think her head has gotten bigger. Her forhead is more firm. So now I know I am not the only one seeing this, I feel it in my gut something is just not right. So I pray and pray that I am wrong.

So I will be calling everyone on Monday to see if they can measure her head and see if they notice anything different. Say prayers for her please.

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  1. The two of them in the car is simply adorable!! The look in her eyes is priceless. Ah, there is something amazing about siblings.
    Lots of prayers for Payton. I hope to hear that it's nothing and all is okay.