Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SOOO Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

Ehhh! I feel so frustrated right now, so I talked to the doctor from the MOM's study and basically he said that the entire team of perinatologist reviewed my due date and they couldn't come to an agreement so there solution is to fly me out on the 37 weeks of my original due date which is the January 26 and have me wait until original date for amino and C-section which is Feb 8 because they if they are wrong and I do go into labor at least I would be there instead of here. Which ok I get it but why can't they do the amino when I get there to see where she is just in case she is ready and I was right instead of waiting. I mean of course I don't want them doing anything if she isn't but wouldn't hurt to see...Right? I guess I am so irritated it because that's more time I have to be away from home, more time away from Payton and it breaks my heart to be away from him. I know he will be fine but it's going to be so hard being gone so long and then coming home with a baby. Which of course wouldn't be any different then staying and getting the surgery which let me say the thought of all that too was hard for me to even think about having to deal with.

So I guess I will have to see where it goes and what happens. This is so little but feels so big and makes me so upset I guess that is all apart of being pregnant and having extra emotion.

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