Saturday, November 14, 2009


Now this picture will have to do until I go over to my Mom's house to use her scanner but I couldn't wait to share this picture because it is SOOO cute! It totally looks like she is smiling at us.

So the Ultra sound went good, but I have learned something very important about Emma that I have come to the conclusion of and that is she will be 50x more stubborn then her brother and I will tell you why...So far every ultra sound we have when they go to look at her face she will put an arm, a hand and yesterday she decided to curl up into a little ball a put her feet in front of her face. The tech had already gotten all the pictures she needed but was trying to get us some good pictures to print out for us and Emma didn't want to cooperate so the tech gave up. Now that has happened three time already, which goes to show that she isn't even born yet and she is already getting her way. I am in for some trouble!!

So a doctor had to come in to verify the techs work and said the main thing they are looking at was the heart and it looks GREAT! She also said that her measurement are looking Great too and she is growing very well she weights 1 LBS 8 oz but she is averaging at 24 weeks and 6 day so the tech said she is about 2 weeks behind the due date of 2/16/10 so I guess that goes to say it's a good thing we are sticking with the mom's study due date then. Oh well...

I will put more pictures up soon.

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