Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doctor's appointment

So yesterday we had our doctor's appointment, which really started off asking me question about medical history and if I have had any problems so far. Then we started talking about my lovely due date again and I told her when I actually sat down and thought about ovulation date, then we started talking about the ultra sound and measurement's so if we went by the due date of Feb 16 she would be 16 days behind which make her 6 more days behind then she was at the MOM's study when we had ultra sound done there (which has been a month now). BUT....if we use the MOM's study due date of March 1 that put's her I think 4 days behind which isn't so concerning. So what this means is that the want to monitor her closely and make sure she doesn't keep getting farther behind which could cause concern that something else could be wrong.

So I will be going in ever two weeks for an ultra sound to check where she is at, I will be going back in on Nov 30 for ultra sound and then again on Dec 16 for the MOM's study. So we need to pray that she doesn't get any further behind then what she is and if she stays on track of just falling behind the same amount of days all the way through then we are ok.

She did say usually what happens the abdomen will show the smallest measurement which actually her head did which usually is opposite. Her abdomen is showing at about 24 weeks and her other body parts are a little over 24 weeks and her head at 23 weeks. So she said it could just be the case with the wrong due date at this point but as long as she doesn't keep going further back. Her ventricles have increased since the MOM's study as well they where a 12 and now it's at 14 so lets hope that doesn't get to much worse. Side note: that is to be expected with the head growing from what the doctor had said and still not concerning.

Well other then that everything else looks GREAT..lol

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