Friday, November 6, 2009

Whirl wind week!

So it's Friday and we have gotten through this week. For what ever reason the things that have come up this week was extremely hard for me. I was able to speak to the doctor about why we can't do the amino since I will be there already just to see where we are at, AND his answer is because she could still have mature lungs but be at gestation of 35 weeks which would give us other problems basically she needs to say in and bake longer and longer the better. So I understand and know that it's the best thing for her which that's what I want but I think why I got so frustrated is because there was a lack of communication between me and the MOM's study and of course I made that know to them. So for my orginal due date that puts me at 37 weeks Jan 26 (a Tuesday) and I told them since my mom already booked her plan ticket that I would like to come on Jan 30 which is Saturday and I would only have to hang out an extra week. Now of course if I start showing any sign's of labor I will have to come earlier.

So orginally I had an Ultra Sound and appointment on Novemember 16 and wasn't able to schedule late enough so I can make sure Nick will be able to come. So I split the appointment into two scheduled the ultra sound the week before and kept the doctor appointment at the same time. I hope that helps so he can make it work with his schedule at work. I do have to say though I am looking forward to the Ultra sound my doctor I see and the best ultra sound I have ever seen. They have a flat pannel TV on the wall that you can watch and it's amazing because you can actually tell what they're looking at.

Last happy note: Emma is still moving and kicking like crazy

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