Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry I am so behind!

Alright I am a little behind to say the very least. So Monday went really well and everything looked just the same before we left which is good because there are no new surprises, well expect my MRI which was quite the experience. I got there and told Nick to wait out in the waiting room and I would be fine and he said he would take a walk and get some coffee. So I go and I lay down and he starts putting me in and I get inside and just "FREAKED OUT"! Had to have him pull me out I seriously think I started having a panic attack so he asked me if I wanted to come in and hold my hand, so I said yea lets try it. Then I said well can you call my husband and ask him to come instead. He said it takes some time because he has to fill out the same paper work I did and change his clothes so I had to get in there anyways without him. So another tech comes in to start to hold my hand so I can start the MRI. Well they get me inside and I started to clam down when all the sudden I am being pulled back out again. The tech who is doing the MRI is yelling at the other tech who was holding my hand to get me out of the machine NOW and get me out of there. I have no idea whats going on I get up and we start to walk out of the room when 2" inch of water start flooding in all the way down from a huge hallway. I was in complete shock and they put me in the changing room and said they would be right back. Well this other lady comes in and we start talking about what had just happened when all the sudden that room started flooding too. Someone comes in to tell me Nick is out in the waiting room and I can go out there and wait with him until they figure out whats going on. Mean while this was going on for me Nick was taking a walk when it had started raining. He stoped got a coffee when he got the phone call from the tech saying I was scared and I asked if he could come and hold my hand. So Nick starts running back when the tracheal down poor started happening and he was soaked from head to toe. He got back and no one around and all the sudden people started running in with walkie talkies and finally he was able to ask someone about me and where I was. I come out and told him about what had just happened.

So needless to say we went going to finish the MRI so Tuesday was suppose to be our big day and talk to all the doctor and randomize which was going to be along day all ready. So what end up happening is we saw all our doctors got done at 2:30 and then went to the MRI which our appointment wasnt until 5:00. So they were able to get us in at 4:45 and we didn't get out until 7:45. Our little princess decided she wasn't going to corporate and was doing flips and kicking and just moving as much as she possibly could. Now granted it was extremely loud but the tech said she had never seen a baby move so much before!

So obviously we didn't randomize on Tuesday and had to come in on Wednesday morning sign the paper work and then randomize. So the way it works is she goes to her computer presses enter and we got "Postnatal". She comes back in before she says anything you could just tell from her expression that's what we got and we all knew it. We all where a little disappointed and decided to come home that day. Seriously though I truly believe even from the beginning when we found out about her spina bifida that everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason we didn't get that surgery. So we will be flying back to deliver her on February 8 and I couldn't be more excited to see her.

One other thing Nick and I decided we will officially be moving and start getting our house ready to sell. Yesterday a for sale sign went up on the Sparkletts building and there has been a debate with the land lords and talk about them moving to the Phoenix branch so it looks like that is going to happen. So we will be moving to New River to be closer to Nicks parents (Mark and Sherry) and allot closer to his sister (Ang). We are both excited because we will need all the support we can get and his family has been there every step of the way.

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