Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Journey so far.....

Hi Everyone,
So I thought what a cool way to let everyone know what's going on and how things are going. So today is Thursday and Nick, Mark (Nick's Dad), and I are leaving on Sunday to San Francisco and will be flying out at 10:45 am on Southwest and should arrive at 12:50 pm. We will go check in to our Hotel and then we have the rest of the day to our selves. Monday on the other hand will be quite busy we need to be at:

~UCSF at 8:00 am to meet the coordinator to talk about evaluation and financial information
~Then 8:30 we will be meeting Fetal Surgeon
~9:30 we will go to a different part of the hospital for an Ultra sound and that will be about an hour
~So no lunch for me since I get a MRI
~11:00 we do a fetal ECHO w/Pediatric Cardiologist to look at the heart
~12:30 we get to meet with the second doctor Pediatric/Fetal surgeon
~1:30 Spina Bifida clinic coordinator
~2:30 arrive to get setup for MRI which starts at 3:00 and could very likely be there until 5:00 and thank Goddness we are done!

So Hopefully I will update on Monday to say how it went and then let you know what's in store for us on Tuesday. Thanks for reading : D


  1. Hey Guys, hope you had a nice afternoon & you are able to rest up for the next couple of days. We'll be hoping & praying for you guys. Stay strong. Love ya.

  2. Good Morning Nick and Lexi. I hope you guys have a good day today and Lexi good luck with all your tests today.

    Payton slept with Luke last night. We said it was time to go to bed and watch a movie and pulled his bed back. He grabbed ALL his bed time buddies and blanket and just piled right into Luke's bed with him. Luke of course was ok with that. Not sure how the whole night went though. Ang mentioned she may stay in Payton's bed last night. It was pretty funny. Ang and i just looked at one another and said alright then.

    Love you guys

  3. Good Morning!

    Sorry to hear about your MRI getting cancel yesterday. Hopefully everything goes well today and they get the flooding taken care of and you get it done and they don't cancel again.

    We will be waiting to hear about your appts. today.

    Payton had a good day yesterday. He took his nap just great and has been eating all his meals just fine. We have started giving him a treat after using the potty. He has the treat part down but still working on the potty. : ) He has been a great little guy with his manners and pretty brave with all that he is dealing with. What a big boy!

    Well better head next door and get my briefing, and help get everyone ready and get Shea to school.

    Have a good day and talk to you soon.

    Love ya