Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vaction with Grandma's

We got back late Tuesday night from vacation, and it was allot of fun! We got there around 4 on Saturday went out for dinner with my Mom's cousin and her family( which Payton had a quite of bit of fun with).First day we got to go to the beach and both kids just had a blast. It's funny because Payton forgot what it was like at the beach and we went last summer. We dug for crabs and found one and Emma played in the sand and of course Payton got knocked over by a wave.

Then our second day we went to Balboa island and had lunch and of course got chocolate covered bananas on a stick. Then got to ride the car fairy which Payton couldnt believe what was going on, and got to see seals. Then went back to Grandmas and went swimming which is always fun time.

Then Tuesday came it was already time to go back home, but our flight wasnt till 8:50 so we had quite a bit of time to hang out before we left. We went to the beach for the last time and to dinner and Payton went with Grandma by himself to see the tide pools and had allot of fun before we left. It was a sad good bye but lots of fun.

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! Thank you for spending time with me!