Monday, August 22, 2011

Just one of those things..

Well things have been crazy since we have gotten back from California. Everything had been really calm and then all the sudden its crazy, but hopeful. I can't remember if I had mentioned in previous post that Emma's left foot has gotten real tight and I had been waiting for an Orthopedic appointment for her for the last month to have him check it out. So we go on Wednesday and he seems to think if we work harder at stretching her then it will get better but wanted to do a week of having a cast on her foot to see if it will stretch her out. I asked him about her heel cord and if that is an option and he said since he has done it once before it has developed scare tissue so she would have to be put under to do this but felt very confident that we can make this work with doing a cast and stretching it more. Ok so we go home with a cast and seriously 5 o'clock rolls around and I notice her foot looks like it had slipped a little so I mark it so I can make sure it doesnt slip and more and next morning it has slipped even more. I call the doctors office first thing and leave a message for the doctor. Then 9 am nothing yet and her foot has really slipped by this time and I email the doctor because he told me in our last appointment to email him if I have problems. So now its 10am and I was like this is crazy because I knew she was going to have horrible marks on feet. So finally I called demanded to speak to someone and was able to get her in. So we get there they take the cast off and of course what do they find those lovely marks on her feet again. UGH geeze so he says well come back in two weeks and really stretch her and we will see where we go from here. I was like was so no new cast? Nope her feet are to bad so we need to wait. What the heck I mean seriously talk about a huge waste of time, and now wait longer for a solution. So we will work harder at stretching but I can honestly say I am not sure how that is possible considering I do everyday and therapy 3 times a week but I guess its not enough.

This weekend we went to a birthday party and Payton got to go bowling for the first time and it was so cute and he had a blast! Here's a video...

Then the most exciting news is Payton is starting Preschool tomorrow!! Yay so excited and finally get to make friends and maybe even learn something. He is so excited, and the school is right across the street to it makes things easy. We are only starting off with two days a week Tuesday and Thursday 12-2:30 so it will be good!

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