Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just You Imagine......

Those of you who receive this in email please go to the website so you can see the video!!

First and for most for those who don't know Emma stood up and is doing a great job at it. Looks like we need to get stuff for her to start pulling up on. Here's some pictures and video

Look Mom!!
OK so I found some more exciting things about Stem cell therapy, that I am so excited to share with everyone.The same mom who I had spoken to previously about banking Stem cells (really the whole reason we did bank) that was talking about trying to find a doctor in the US to do Stem cell therapy. I guess it turns out she took her daughter this year to China first which lead off with some complications due to her blood type and wasnt able to get the treatment that really gets the results because they had to use different cells but the mom said she watched all these other people getting treatment for other things and it was working wonderfully,
and even though they had a problem (which from what I understand is very uncommon) would still highly recommend it.From some research I guess China has been doing Stem cell research the longest and has the highest percent of people who bank cord blood.Anyway's this mom found another place in Mexico who has been doing this for 12 years and they have had huge success as well. They just got back two weeks ago so I am anxious to hear how she does and her progress. I have her website I wanted to share as well as some articals that are great break throughs. As far as the US doing anything for Spina Bifida has not yet happen but they just started a trial therapy with children with Cerebral Palsy and have had "HUGE" results with this. So we will just watch and wait to see what happens and I am sure before to long there will be the same thing for SB.
Here's some articals check them out, very neat!
and here's the Moms blog I was talking about its got everything from her trips.
Also we are very excited the Walk-N-Roll is tomorrow (Saturday) which will be awesome to meet other family's. The walk is only 2 miles but they are having a Picnic afterwards and everyone gets to dress up they are having games and prizes for the kids. And of course Halloween is on Sunday which Payton is just dying to wear his costume for. Then Thursday we have Emma's Orthopedic appointment for her shoes to come off and just wear at night. I Will be addressing her getting some AFOS because there is just no way she can stand up without that left foot turning in and will create some problems with standing and walking. Also want to get her a stander which is similar to this
helps them get use to standing. I will update everyone with our appointment next week and share halloween pictures.

One more thing the last post about the mom she decided to keep her baby. All I have to say is the Power of Prayer!!

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  1. Wow! Look at her standing up!
    That's great!
    I love that last picture of the 2 kids! so serious!