Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8 month's and much More..

Well this week is allot for us. Emma turned 8 months on Monday the 11th, and Saturday the 9th was the day we found out about Emma's Spina Bififa. It was one of the worse days of my life, and not because I found out she had Spina bifida but the false information I was given and a grim outlook for her and that horrible push that abortion should be considered.

Looking back now she is such a miracle to be here with us and has proven that Doctor to be wrong about what she told me that day, and we are so thankful to have her as a daily reminder of god and the amazing things she will be able to do.

Yesterday she had her Urology follow up and it went better then I could have ever expected. During the Urodynamics the nurse went to go talk to her doctor twice which made me nervous thinking something was wrong. Well Dr.Ritchy comes in to speak to me and said that he is surprised to see how her bladder is working. Explained her bladder is filling up and when it gets full contracts and then voids like a bladder should. He wants me to start cathing only twice a day once in the morning and at night. I was told that you cannot do less its either all or nothing and he told me yes this is usually the case but in Emma's case she is voiding on her own. which is the same as cathing. Now I am sure your thinking why does she need to be cathing if she is voiding on her own, well he said since there are point where her bladder builds up high pressure (but again she voids when this happens) so its more so a precaution and we will follow up in 6months.

and more great news I had finished this post and Emma's physical therapist came and was totally impressed how well she did this week! For the first time she got on all fours in crawling position!!YAY!!! Step in the right direction, Payton was laying on the floor and she really wanted to get him and decided to get on all fours. It was very exciting and then we did some different exercises with pillows and them propped behind her and the physical therapist intised her with a toy and she sat up on her own!

Our little girl is on a Roll and couldnt be a better month to happen then Spina bifida awareness.

Also this month is Spina Bifida Awareness month

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  1. Lexi - I am so very proud of you as you realize the rewards of your choice and recognize how sad our lives would be if you had made the choice to terminate. All of us have been and continue to be blessed by knowing Emma because we have seen God's love and miracles. We would never have this opportunity if you and Nick had not chosen to give Emma a chance at life. She is such a joy - our perfect little miracle!