Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet News....

This week's orthopedic appointment went good. It was amazing they took her cast off and her foot looked GREAT! When Dr. Segal finally (over an hour later) came in to do her new cast he says it's the left foot right, Me: I started laughing I said yep it looks great doesnt it. He says yes it does did I do the surgery already (referring to cutting heal cord) Me: NO!

So obviously he was amazed how good it looked, he said we are going to do another cast then next week when we come in could just be moving to the shoes (like the one's she had before) and she wont need the heal cord cut because it looks great!

Yay for good news!!! So overall thing's are going good and lets pray next week her foot is ready to move to the next step.

Thanks again to Star for giving me his name to go see him because he is truly a great

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