Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The countdown begins...

So I realize in my last post I had not said when exactly her surgery is. Emma's surgery is on June 2 and really the countdown officially started on Monday, I barely have slept the stress has officially kicked in. I know in my heart everything will be fine and more so she really needs this. Her symptoms have only worsen and have become more obvious. My Mom got here last night and will be staying for two weeks. It will be a big help since school for the kids actually ends next Thursday, and unfortunately Emma will be missing the last week. So Friday I will bring in something special for the whole class so she can celebrate her last day.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way I will share some fun things the kids have done since I have last posted.

We celebrated Payton's 7th Birthday Plants Vs Zombie style, and then the same weekend was Easter. So it was a fun filled weekend.

Then the following Monday Emma started swimming lessons for two weeks with her preschool class. She had a rough start due to always having major issues with water sensory. Lots of splashing which she hates but by week 2 she did so well. Got her going under the water everyday after that, I think with more lessons she really could get the hang of it and swim all by her self.

Couple weeks after Nick got free tickets to the Marlins game in Miami. Which was so much fun, the kids had such a blast especially Emma. I keep telling Nick I think she is going to be your sports kid.

Then two weeks ago we drove back to Shriners thinking we were picking all of her bracing up and her new shoes. Turned out only her AFO's had been done and her HKAFO's had not been finished and they couldn't give her new shoes until her HKAFO's are ready. I was very upset since we drove all the way up there expecting them to be ready, they wanted us to come back this Friday which I planned but started thinking more about it and spoke with the doctor and therapist said that its very likely she will need another adjustment after the surgery and we would have to come back again. So I decided its probably a better idea if we hold off completely and go back when she is well. It is such a hassle to drive the kids 4 hours stay in a hotel and sit there for half the day and turn around a drive back.

Then last weekend we went to the kids school carnival, had lots of BBQ's, lit off fireworks, and went swimming. I love living some where there is so much to do all the time we have defiantly been very busy but having so much fun.
So that is our busy month and I will update after Emma's surgery.

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