Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer time..

So after yesterday's bad news of surgery I feel like I should at least share the fun things this summer and some high lights so far. So for Nicks birthday I was trying to be as created of as possible and combine fathers day into it as well. So I decided to get a frame that fit three 5x8 pictures and have the kids hold letters that spelled DAD. Which turned out pretty darn cute if I say so my self. The kids did so well, but of course I had to bribe them to sit there and do it. We got out there at 6am but after we where done we got bagel and doughnut. Then the week following was the of course the most exciting because it was finally time for our vacation to Disneyland. Now the kids never watched the Disney channel before that and Payton has seen most Disney movies when he was younger but could careless so, let me tell you after this experience to Disneyland has completely changed them both! Payton and Emma watch Disney channel as much as I will let them and Emma has formed a new obsession with Minnie Mouse its crazy she LOVES HER! Now it was especially special because his Nana and Papa made the trip specially for Payton and his cousin because they turned five. So they both got special buttons that said it was there birthday and it was so cute because every person that worked at Disneyland would say Happy Birthday to them. then of course Emma just being to cute not to share.. Then our family photo.. And now Emma's favorite princess Ariel, and she just loves her which is so ironic to me because she was my favorite when I was little. and then Payton and Marry Poppins and he had no idea who they where but really enjoyed there conversation. and then our fire works to conclude our night which needed on the happiest note. After we got home I think everyone was still on a Disneyland high from all the fun we packed into two days. It was after coming back to reality. Some swimming pictures I took couple of weeks ago.. and then lastly All that swimming tuckered her out so much she feel a sleep eating her Pizza!

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