Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just to over whelming

So I felt like it was time for me to sit down and blog. I haven't done it in so long mainly because I have been so stressed out that every time I tried to sit down and write it wasn't making any sense and I would just delete it at the end. So Just to in a nut shell the things that have gone on. So in May Emma ended up really sick and her Dr didn't feel comfortable seeing her and sent us to the ER and we find out all it was ear infection, then the next day Emma's foot was swollen from her AFO and horrible blisters had appeared. They where so bad and we had several problems since she first got the AFO's that I was so fed up I decided we where going to go some where else and get a second opinion. Well that following Monday she had her annual review with the state and they said since she has had double PT for the last year we will have to cut that to just one hour a week. Which couldn't have come at a worse time due to the fact that she cant wear her AFO until her foot heals and until we get it fixed or a new one. So this was very upsetting because its just something else to set her back this is how she got so tight last time. So anyways June I took her some where else that is suppose to be the best but the catch is its all out of network and of course having to pay for a whole new set. Which honestly isn't all that upsetting what was more upsetting was the fact that the women we took her to was looking at the old ones and explained why she has had so many problems. Basically in a nut shell she said that her AFO's are the reason why she isnt walking! She was so impressed with Emma and said we get her the right AFO's and she will be walking in no time. After that appointment I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach it took me so long to recover from that one! I couldn't help but to blame my self and feeling like I should have done more. I have finally come to terms with everything and knowing that she will get her new AFO's next week and she will be able to get back on track will be great because she wants it so bad it hurts. Just as I have felt like things are about to go back to normal I felt like I got yet another blow. Ugh I just feel like when is my poor baby going to catch a break! Back in May we took her to the eye doctors for that drift in her eye and he was pretty concerned because she wasn't really using her left eye so he suggested to patch her 3 hours a day every day so she can build the strength back. He mentioned the possibility of surgery down the road to help fix the eye drift but our main goal was to strengthen her eye. So we went back today for her 6 week follow up and he was amazed how well her eyes looked. lol he told me I get an A+ for the eye patching he would have never expected her eye to build its strength back so fast. I was like wow this is so awesome! Yay.. and then so our next thing will be the surgery. "WAIT WHAT" Excuse me, Yes she needs surgery to fix the eye muscle because we need to pull the eye looking forward again..ugh seriously. Of course he reassures me it's not a big deal out patient procedure and it only takes 15 minutes, she will be put under and it way safer then lasik eye surgery. Umm ok well what are the risk's well the risk's are of course infection, surgery again in the future, eye damage and oh lost of eye sight. So from what I'm told they said that has never happened an any of the cases they have had. And as far as future eye surgery he said about 10%. So I booked her surgery for the end of August. So this has been my drama for the summer, I will be posting our fun things that have happened this summer because I hate all the doom and gloom stuff but I know I needed to update I've gotten some emails about what been going on with Our little Princess.

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