Wednesday, February 23, 2011


(Preview of Emma's Birthday outfit)

Well last week was just pure awful and my poor little girl is just miserable. She had a top tooth come through and another one right behind it making its way through. Friday on the other hand she started acting more cranky then usual. I was rubbing her back and then all the sudden she started crying hysterically didnt want me to touch her back, then later she started arching her back and over just seemed uncomfortable. Of course I got on the phone right away to get her neuro surgeon to get everything in order so we can make an appointment since her's ended up retiring and I handnt gotten to it yet. Let me tell you what an ordeal that was..WOW! Who would have thought getting records to another doctor could be so difficult and not to mention have someone answer a "PHONE"! At one point they said well just take her to the ER because there no doctor here and we cannot talk to you until she is a patient, in order to be a patient we needed the medical records. Well Finally got it worked out, and got her in today. And I was so thankful for my Dad going with us it really helped!

Now of course this weekend she was totally normal other then the fact that it was like she swapped parents and wanted nothing but Dad all weekend (which is just fine with me : )

So we will be scheduling an MRI soon to see whats going, and of course I want it soon but next week it going to be crazy! Monday SSI for the government, Tuesday 1 year check up for pediatrician then Thursday AFO's. Yikes this week and next week I have my work cut out for me. Since this week Nick was unable to take his vacation I'm left to get ready for the party by myself and make this cake.

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