Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Loving it!!!

It is just so refreshing when an appointment just goes the way you want it to. Today we had our appointment for orthopedic. The purpose of the appointment was to see if we can move to nap and night time for bar and shoes and I was hoping we will figure a plan out for support for her ankle. Now of course every time we go we wait at least an HOUR! and of course this appointment wasn't any different but it went pleasantly well. He said her foot looks very good and suggested to message and stretch her foot a little more but said she doesn't needs the shoe's any more and we can move to AFO's and have the left foot a little more elevated because gravity just cause's her foot to come down and then for the right she will only need to wear when she trys to walk and suggested to wear the AFO on the left at night. This is all the news I wanted to hear but better because we can finally just be done with these shoes.

So next step is getting a casting and ordering the AFO's and then some shoes and our little girl will be rocking and rolling. I am just so excited because I really feel like she will be able to start being a little more independent sooner rather then later. She wants to stand on her own so bad she can tast it and she will able to. So I bet some of you do not know what AFO is or what they look like
the AFO stands for ankle foot orthosis, hopefully we will be getting them first week of February but we will see since we haven't gone in yet.

hope everyone enjoys the pictures and loving the great news just as much as we are!

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