Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hoping next week will be exciting!

I got the ball rolling for Emma's early intervention last week and they got back to me yesterday. I explained I was concerned about her left foot and I really would like her to start seeing a physical therapist. So I went through the phone interview and hopefully next week they will be coming over to do a full evaluation to see if there is any other area's that they can be helping in. From what I understand she automatically qualifies due to the Spina Bifida, and since she has hydrocephalus that automatically qualifies her for someone to work with her with motor skills if she needs it. She said that for this program that they will being coming to the home for physical therapy. which is exciting and will make my life thousand times easier. Then next week we also have are very first Spina Bifida clinic appointment and Nick thinks he should be able to make it since it's so close to his work.

On a side note: My little guy will be turning 3 on Thursday and it has come all to soon.

Thanks for reading I will update again next week

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