Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My stressful day...

Well I have been extremely luckily how well everything has been going and how good Emma is, so I guess something was bound to happen sooner or later. Yesterday was my official first scare with Emma's shunt. It started with Emma just being really fussy couldn't put her down more then five minutes without her crying. So of course I was watching out for all those signs they told me to look for when she starts acting not like her self. Well I started to notice when I held her in a certain spot on her back her would cry out like she was in pain ( which is completely new). So I took her clothes off and noticed a little bulgde on the top of her incision (which wasn’t there in the morning). So of course I called her neuro surgeon and no one answers so I call the neuro surgeon in San Francisco leave a message. So about an hour and half later I notice her head was bigger like it was before her shunt was put in....well now I really concerned so I call the pediatrician and ask to speak to the doctor and they said they would put an urgent message in and have her call me back.

So now I am waiting for 3 people to call me back, so Nick tells me to call the MOM's study and see what they say. I call speak to Racheal and explain whats going on luckily she said it doesn’t sound like an emergency to get her to the hospital or anything but I need to keep trying to get a hold of some body here at neuro surgery or I could always just walk in and they would have to see her. So after I got off the phone with her I called them again and some one answered, finally so I explained whats going on and she said she would have the nurse practitioner call me back. Well in the mean time neuro surgery from San Francisco called me back and she said it sounds like its a matter of adjusting the setting on her shunt but if she starts showing other signs then we need to be seen today. Now tomorrow luckily is our neuro surgery appointment so everyone seems to think she will be fine till then unless of course like I said she shows other signs of infection. Oh and no one called me back from here yesterday which is lovely I was glad to here from Carolyn from San Francisco since she has been dealing with Emma from the very beginning.

So Lets hope it's not the shunt malfunctioning and its just a matter of adjustment. Poor baby doesn’t need to go through anything else. She seems to be doing better today as far as her mood but her head still looks the same : (

I will keep you updated what happens tomorrow at her appointment

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