Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She is A O.K.

So today Emma had her heal cord procedure and it went pretty smooth. Luckily Nick was able to leave work for a little bit which helped allot! My poor little's is really trying to get around with the huge and very heavy cast on her :( But thank goodness she is extremely determined and is figuring it out. Let's hope this time we wont have any problems with the cast slipping.

She will be in the cast for the next two weeks, I was a little bumbed it will still be on for Halloween but I think we can make it work. After the cast comes off we will be getting new AFO's for her.

Here's are most recent pictures we went to the Wild west Festival this weekend which most of the pictures are from

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  1. Yay for having a cast for only 2 weeks! Boo for having it on Halloween. Are you guys going to come to the SB Walk N Roll this year on 10/29? I can text you the info if you want!