Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My UltraSound/Doc App.

So yesterday was another ultrasound and doctor's appointment that had actually went good for once! I was extremely shocked at the measurements because it was quite a bit of difference from two weeks ago. So her arms,legs, and stomach measured at 29 weeks which is the original due date of Feb 18. and her head is still measuring small at about 27 weeks so they take all the measurements and average them out which put her at my due date Feb 26 which the doctor decided to change and stick with. Her weight is also above 27 weeks she is at 2 lbs 9oz so that is a big change from two weeks ago.

I went ahead and got the H1N1 vaccine today since it passes on to the baby and would vaccinate her 6 months after birth since I am worried about taking a week old baby on a air plan in the middle of winter and flu season.

Our next ultrasound is December 14 and not to much more then that going on.

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